Amplified Nation Double Bloom

Taking the Big Bloom to the next level, the Double Bloom gives you two independent channels of flavored overdrive to choose from. We’ve voiced channel “two” slightly darker, to give more mid-low end that gives a bigger, thicker sound. The pedal offers a Jazz/Rock switch for each channel, so you can set the channels very differently. This is great for someone looking to add a crunch and lead channel to a single channel amp, or if you just want to really expand your selection of overdrive.

The Double Bloom uses 9V DC power, 9V adapter included We can wire the Double to turn on the channels independently, or toggle the channels.

  • Made in the USA
  • Laser Etched Aluminum control plates
  • PCB and P2P construction
  • Teflon Wire
  • The pedal can be run off a 9V battery or 9V DC power source
  • Rock/Jazz toggle switch

Works and sounds perfect. Excellent condition. This is a terrific sounding pedal. [ includes power adapter ]


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