Mattoverse PulseTone

Introducing the new Pulse Tone guitar and bass pedal from Mattoverse Electronics

This is a simple but fun pedal that allows you to add a pulsing square wave tone to your guitar or bass pedal board. Controls are: Rate / Mix / Pitch

Rate goes from very slow to self-oscillation / Pitch covers several octaves

Does not affect the level of your guitar, when the effect is engaged, the guitar signal runs through a high impedance unity gain buffer and the volume of the pulsing drone is controlled by the Mix knob.  Tune it to a note you like and jam along. Run it before distortion / delay / modulation etc.. for oodles of fun.


  • Works great with guitar or bass
  • Every pedal is unique - numbered, hand built, and hand painted in Wisconsin, USA.
  • True Bypass 
  • Neutrik Jacks
  • Heavy duty aluminum enclosure
  • 9V DC Power Only - standard “center-pin negative” Boss style adapter (adapter is not included)

Works and sounds perfect. Excellent condition. [ does not include power adapter or original box ]


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