Mattoverse TetraStep

Have you ever wanted to have a pitch and rate controllable 4 step square wave sequencer available at the click of the switch on your pedalboard? Have you ever wanted something fun to click on that keeps the audience engaged as you tune your guitar?

Have you ever wanted something to turn on during the 3rd encore to drive sonic mayhem to new levels? Or maybe you just wanted to set up a little 4 note melody which you use as accompaniment for your especially inspired guitar noodling?

If so, the new Tetrastep from Mattoverse Electronics might be just what you were looking for...

  • Controls for the pitch of each step, master rate control, and mix control
  • True Bypass
  • Neutrik Jacks
  • 9V DC Power Only - standard “center-pin negative” Boss style adapter (adapter is not included)
  • Every pedal is unique - numbered, hand built ,and hand painted in Wisconsin, USA.
  • Heavy duty aluminum enclosure

Works and sounds perfect. Excellent condition. [ does not include power adapter or original box ]


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